Massa was founded 70 years ago by Frank Massa, pioneer of the electro-
acoustic field.  With over 165 U.S. Patents awarded, Massa designs and manufactures sonar and ultrasonic products for use in ocean, air, and fluids.  We are set apart by our abilities to solve problems in various fields and environments with our electroacoustical expertise – we can tailor our designs to fit customer needs when applicable.  Massa is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


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The MassaSonic™ brand offers several lines of off the shelf and customized sensors and transducers for use in air, in fluids, and for oceanographic applications.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Our new MassaSonic™ Sensors are available in wired and wireless versions, including C1D1 certified.  We also offer custom design sensors for OEM’s and private labeling.  Our new lines of MassaSonic™ Ultrasonic Sensors are compatible with our Legacy Sensors, and include PulStar Series Sensors (replaces Legacy M-300 and M-320 Sensors), SonAire Series Sensors (replaces Legacy M3 & M3is Sensors), mPulse Series Sensors (replaces Legacy M-5000 Sensors), and the all new FlatPack Series Sensors.

Massa holds a diverse portfolio of fundamental U.S. Patents for electroacoustical products and designs for various industrial/commercial applications.

Ultrasonic Transducers

The heart of any quality ultrasonic design lays within the transducer.  Massa offers both Standard Ultrasonic Transducers, as well as customization of our designs. Massa’s transducers are able to meet requirements where many “off the shelf” designs fail.


Massa designs and produces a myriad of underwater transducers for use specifically by the oceanographic community.  Our customers include major universities, oceanographic institutions, and commercial companies.



Massa is a renown designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of underwater transducers and systems for military applications used for virtually every sonar requirement. These include low-frequency high-power sonar for surveillance, mid-frequency sonar for surface ships, passive and active sonar for submarines, anti-mine sonar, acoustic torpedoes, underwater navigation and communication systems, biomimetic autonomous vehicles, and harbor defense systems.  Massa has successfully performed on over 650 development and production contracts.

On two separate occasions, Massa has received the prestigious Lockheed Martin Star Supplier Award for its outstanding contribution to sonar systems.  Massa continues its heritage and storied legacy by designing and manufacturing world class products.


As a family company, Massa Products Corporation places the highest emphasis upon quality in all we do, where it begins not as a
statement, but as a value.  Quality is our policy; this is the case from the earliest stages of our designs, through the final production of our products,
and most importantly with the relationships we nurture with our customers, and vendors – it is evident that with Massa you’re family.


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